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Buying Horse properties In Fort Worth Texas



Fort Worth Texas is truly the center of the Texas Horse Industry.  Texas is home to over 1 million horses which is 15% of all the horses in the USA.  Texas also leads the Nation in the numbered of registered Quarter, Paint and Appaloosa Horses and is second to California in Arabians and Thoroughbred breeding stallions.

There are over 950,000 Texas horse owners each having an average of 3.7 horses.  The industry employs over 43,000 people and horse people have invested over $13 billion in barns, trucks, trailers, and tack.  They spend in excess of  $2.1 billion annually to maintain their horses.  The competitors will spend over $3 billion each year attending shows and events.

Texas horses are valued at more than $4.2 billion and sales each year are in excess of $354 million which is more than sales of hogs, sheep and lambs combined.

Total impact of the horse industry to Texas economy exceeds $11 billion annually.  Now That's Big Business!

Now with all that information it's no wonder Texas is the most desirable State for horse owners to relocate to.  With that being said, as a horse person and a Texas Realtor, I'd like to list a few things horse owners should consider when looking for horse properties here in and around Fort Worth and Weatherford Texas.

Texas Horse Barns:  It gets hot in Texas, really hot.  So look for or build a barn with a high pitched roof to let the heat out and away from the horses in the stalls.  Make sure there are roof vents or better if there are windows like in a raised center aisle barn.  Don't go cheap by not insulating the barn.  This is one of the most important things to keep your horses comfortable.  A good insulated barn will be about 20degrees cooler than one that's not.  Stalls should be no smaller than 12X12 but if you have big warm bloods 14X16 is better.

Water:  This is very important not only quantity but quality of the water.  Make sure when buying a place that you have the well checked by a well service not only for quality but the gallons per minute and the static water level.  Find out what Aquifer the well is in.  The  Trinity Aquifer has the best water but is deeper than The shallow Pauluxy.  Here is another area lots of people try to save money by not drilling big enough or deep enough.  The worst thing to happen is to run out of water.

Soil Types:  The countryside around Fort Worth is varied but mostly with 2 types of soils heavy black and sandy soils.  If you are in the horse business the best is to be in the sandy soil areas.  Without going into lots of detail just remember black dirt bad, sandy dirt good.  You'll figure it out after the first rain.

Horse Trainers:  I think there are more horse trainers in the Fort Worth Dallas area than any area of the nation.  They are kind of in areas of their own too.  The Hunter Jumpers and Eventers over North of Dallas.  The Reiners, Western Pleasure people are around Aubrey, Pilot Point and Whitesboro.  The Cutting Horse people mostly around Weatherford.  The Rodeo, Team Ropers and Barrel racers around Decatur and Stephenville.

Will Rogers Coliseum:  Since the opening in 1988, the Will Rogers Equestrian Center has become known and recognized as a world-class center with over 100,000 horses having participated in equestrian events. The complex includes a 215,000 sq. ft. building containing the 1,946 seat John Justin Arena and the 640 seat James L. and Eunice West Sale Arena. In addition there are 843 permanent horse stalls. The $11 million, Moncrief Building opened in 1996 and includes the 1,100 seat W.R. Watt Arena and space for up to 650 cattle or 260 horses. The total number of available stalls can be increased to 2,200 during major events such as the annual Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, National Cutting Horse Association competitions, American Quarter Horse Youth Association World Show, American Paint Horse World Championship Show, and the Appaloosa Horse Club World Championship Show.

Equine Veterinary Clinics:  The Fort Worth and Dallas Area have some of the best Equine Hospital facilities in the World.

Feed Supply:  Generally North Texas has a good supply of quality hay grown locally.  Most of the local hay is what is commonly known as Coastal Bermuda, which is a fine stem grass and if properly fertilized and baled should yield about 11% protein.

I hope this has been helpful to you when considering  Fort Worth Texas horse properties.

Happy Trails,


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Buying Horse properties In Fort Worth Texas
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